Money spells and charms

Money spells and charm using a gold coin

If you are casting a money spells and charm, a gold-colored coin will do and rituals are performed on Thursday or Sunday when the moon is waxing, hold the gold coin in both hands in bright sunlight. Envision it sparkling with golden sunlight and sense yourself becoming an irresistible magnet for wealth but keep it in your wallet.

Money spells and charm using a cinnamon stick

This money spell and charm can be performed on a Tuesday when the moon is waxing but hold a cinnamon stick between your two palms. Envision very bright light coming up from the core of the earth and down from the cosmos, meeting at your heart, flowing into your palms, and filling the cinnamon stick. Feel that you will succeed and prosper in any business. Feel grateful for your success.

Money spells and charm using a citrine quartz

Citrine quartz is one of the crystals that hold such a stubborn positive vibration because it never needs to be cleansed. This makes it especially suited for those who have had stubborn abundance issues or limiting beliefs about money and wealth. Bless your citrine money spell and charm by running it under cold water and keep it with you to magnetize money.

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