Strong love binding spells

Strong love binding spells using blood and honey

This is another strong love binding spell using blood and honey. All you need is a toothpick, honey, your menstrual blood, wooden matches, a glass jar with a lid and a large red candle. For this spell to work cast it on the first day of your menstrual cycle at exactly 7 pm. Then spread blood over the engravings right before repeating the same ritual with honey. Light up the candle and hold it then say what you want him to be by your side in mind body and spirit.

Strong love binding spells using photo and blood

If you love him but can’t get him to notice you, you have nothing to worry about because you can fix that with strong love binding spell. All you need is his photo and your menstrual blood. Sprinkle the blood on the photo of the man you are attracted to and channel all your feelings of desire while staring at the photo. Again, menstrual blood rituals are powerful meaning that you have to do them correctly the first time or else they will backfire.

Strong love binding spells during magical moon phase

Certain spells work best or are most powerful at certain moon phases. It is therefore important for you to preserve the semen, sweat or menstrual blood for your powerful love spell until the time is ripe. You can put the fluids on a piece of paper or cloth and wait it out. And once the cycle is up, all you need to do is wash the bodily fluids into a bowl and focus on your emotions as you chant repeatedly

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