Simple strong love spells

Simple strong love spells to offset competition

If your partner is hot or beautiful, and you feel he or she is going to attract a lot of suitors. Therefore cast a simple strong love spell to ensure that their efforts are all in vain. You can get required ingredients of daisies, three candles (a brown, a white and pink candle) and some eucalyptus leaves and an iron object. But that’s not the end of it. Put the daisies on the table and then light up the three candles and arrange the flaming candles in a triangular shape. Then put some eucalyptus leaves in the middle of the candles. Proceed with your chanting, affirming that you are here to protect the love of your life from any unwarranted third-party influences.

Simple strong love spells to find the right partner

This simple strong love spell is all about beseeching the universe into giving you that one person that will fulfill all of your innermost desires. You will require getting specific ingredients like white candle, a branch of cinnamon, a piece of cloth, and a blade of eucalyptus and laurel. Proceed with putting the laurel, eucalyptus and cinnamon branch in a cloth, tying them perfectly together. Remember the importance of lighting up the candle first before going to the next step. Proceed with invoking the power of the universe with all of your strength. Ask the forces of love to find that one person who will not only walk with you in pain but also in joy.

Simple strong love spells for a durable and happy relationship

Apart from looking for a life partner that makes you happy, you can also conjure a simple strong love spell that makes your relationship last for the long time. You will be required to have specific requirements like a bowl of water, orange blossoms, daisy petals and some water. Getting a vase or bowl to hold the water will be a good starting point. Place the orange blossoms in the vase on your altar and light a white or green candle. Add some daisy petals to the water and then begin chanting. Don’t forget to ask the forces of water to purify your love, cleansing off negative energy surrounding your love. You have to believe in your words for the spell to come full circle.

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