Strong love spells chant

Strong love spells chant by write their name in a Journal

This strong love spell chant involves writing your partners name down over and over in a journal and be specific. Write down your intention with this person, whether it is sex or love. Leave the notebook open in a space where it will get sunshine or moonshine and the energies of the world will pick up on it and make it happen for you.

Strong love spells chant by using mind tricks

Use mind tricks when casting this strong love spell chant to get a person locked into you! But once you have it down, you’re set forever. There are certain ways of looking at someone or touching someone that can get you to take control over their actions. You can easily get someone to agree with you or get them to think about you by putting your hand on them while speaking and nodding your head often.

Strong love spells chant by putting a love Potion on that Person’s Skin

Attempt to get your love potion on the person’s skin – one way of doing this is to wear it on your hand and then try to shake the hand of the one that you love. You may even want to touch their shoulder when saying ‘Hi!’ They’ll smell it later and hopefully think of you or they might get a whiff of it while walking around but not realize what it was that got them thinking of you.

Strong love spells by saying a Chant

Lastly, say this strong love spell chant preferably out loud if you can (stronger), but internally works as well, right before you see this person. This method will help to level set you energy levels. If will get you synced up to their mindset which will in turn help you to connect with them mentally more strongly as well

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