Strong easy love spells

Strong easy love spells for understanding

If your partner does not understand you because of the failure to communicate well, ask yourself why because this strong easy love spell is powerful and can backfire if carried out for the wrong reasons. You also need to chant it right for the desired symptom (s) to manifest. First, you need to get a piece of paper and using a green pen, write your partner’s name in it. Then, proceed with placing a fennel sprig on the left-hand side of the paper and recite the spell. After burn the paper and put out the candle. As far as the chanting goes, request the forces of love for more understanding from your partner or loved one.

Strong easy love spells for attraction

The mention of menstrual blood makes most people cringe. But truth be told, menstrual blood isn’t as dirty as many believe. Some of these fluids can be used to achieve the strong easy love spells because they are powerful and do work like a charm. For this specific spell, all you need is some of your fresh menstrual blood secretively added into his coffee or tea. Once he drinks it, the spell will come full circle. You also don’t need any chants for this love spell to work. Harmonic love spells are very powerful explaining no need of any chanting whatsoever.

Strong easy love spells for faithfulness

Start off by light up 14 candles, putting 7 in the kitchen and 7 in the bathroom. Go to the bathroom and glue your man’s photo on the mirror over a sink filled with water. Boil about 3 quarts of water and add some salt then stir for 7 minutes right before filling up the sink with it. As you stir, focus on his image then pour the water into the sink with a stopper on. Put 7 drops of menstrual blood. Put your hands on your chest and declare that he is yours and yours alone. This will alleviate any cheating symptom he has and allows the strong easy love spells to come full circle. If you do the spell right, he will always be thinking about you day and night!

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