Strong spells for love

Strong spells for love to get true love

This may be one of the most strong spells for love considering that people have a need to be loved and to love others. Ingredients include dill and star anise, goat’s milk, lavender oil and a pink candle. Prepare a bath. Light the candle and put it down and enter the bath. Make sure you are submerged inside the water and wash your face, arms, and chest using both hands, hold the candle again and chant: speak everything you wish for concerning the true love you want to find. Next, once you are done with the prayer, rub salt on the arms, face, and chest. Next step is to rinse you with goat milk. Get out of the water and rinse yourself.

Strong spell for love to locate a perfect match

There is always the fear of settling for someone that you were not meant to be with. If you are among people that are paranoid, cast this strong spell for love. You will need a vanilla bottle, 3 candles, 2 rose thorns and a white paper. Write your names and your partners names on a piece of paper then place rose thorns on the names. Light three candles and surround them the vanilla bottle and reciting this chant: “Red like Blood, let the relationship am going to have get life, let it come soon, give me a love that is going to last just like my surname, give it to me with the right person,” focus all your energy and thoughts on finding a perfect match overnight.

Strong spell for love to make your relationships last long

To prevent your new lover from leaving even before the relationship shapes up, try the following strong spell for love that will strengthen the bonds of your love together. Ingredients are strands of your hair, a red candle and strands of your lover’s hair a small tin. Keep off all noise and disturbances and then close your eyes. Visualize your soul mate with all your thoughts and energy towards them.

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