Free obsession love spells

Free obsession love spells

Free obsession love spells using a magic bottle for love

To cast these free obsession love spells, you will require a small bottle preferably a pink or red one, rose petals [pink or red], mint leaves, red candles, orange peels, cinnamon powder, honey, garlic, alcohol and an incense coated with jasmine. You will light the candle and put all the ingredients in a bottle. Mix them well and close the bottle tightly. Start chanting and calling your spouse name; say how much you want him to love you again. Perform it and make sure the energy within you is positive.

Free obsession love spells using enchantment trees for someone

You can perform this free obsession love spell for someone close to you but you need a green thread and a picture of you and your spouse. The two pictures should be tied together while facing each other. Find an enchantment tree and do not forget to chant your heart’s desire as you tie the two pictures together.

Free obsession love spell using strands of hair

You will need a red candle, seven strands of your hair, gauze, toothpick, water, a white paper and saffron. All you need to do is inscribe the name of the person you love and visualize how much you love him, and you want him back into your life forever. After you are through with your spell, hide the candle in your bedroom, preferably under the bed and wait for it to work. Performing this free obsession love spell needs special knowledge, not everyone can perform such a powerful spell.

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