Powerful love obsession spells

Powerful love obsession spells

Powerful love obsession spells using salt

In powerful love obsession spells, you will require salt, a piece of white paper, and an altar. The salt should be coarse for it to work effectively. The ritual will require you to inscribe the person’s name on the piece of white paper. You will bury the coarse salt and the white paper together somewhere they can never be found. This love spell is easy to carry out, and even an amateur can perform it.

Powerful love obsession spells using enchantment of love

With this powerful love obsession spell, you require a red and white candle, a few ginseng herbs. You will require melting the red candle in a boiler and mix all the herbs plus the oils. As you mix them, chant the name of your lover. Wait for the mixture to cool down and place the white candle inside the mixture. Remember to scribble your name and your spouse’s name on the white candle. This will ensure it works effectively.

Powerful love obsession spells using black magic

You will require a candle and an offering to the voodoo god. You will light the candle and place the offering near the candle. Chant what you desire most for your spouse to do. The offerings are for pleasing the black magic god. The offerings are like cigarettes, chocolates, champagne among others.

Powerful love obsession spell using a magic bottle for love

You will require a small bottle preferably a pink or red one, rose petals preferably pink or red, mint leaves, red candles, orange peels, cinnamon powder, honey, garlic, alcohol and an incense coated with jasmine. You will light the candle and put all the ingredients in a bottle. Mix them well and close the bottle tightly. Chant powerful love obsession spell and call your spouse name; say how much you want him to love you again. Perform it and make sure the energy within you is positive.

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