Obsession love spells

Obsession love spells

Obsession love spells to reunite you with your lover

These are obsession love spells that helps in brings two estranged lovers back together. They will feel a mysterious power compelling them to return to your side. Choose a quiet place where you can meditate uninterruptedly for three consecutive days. Smear your candles in Jasmine oil and place the white candle on the top, place pink candle at the bottom on the left side and red one on the right side at the bottom place them in the triangular shape. After placing the candles, place rose quartz in the center of the triangle. Build up positive and strong energies and focus intensely on your desire.

Obsession love spells to bring back your ex 

These obsession love spells helps a person in bringing back their Ex or lost lovers back in their life using witchcraft. To perform this ritual, Light seven candles in kitchen and seven in the bathroom. In kitchen take three quarts of water in a pot and boil it. Now add seven teaspoons chamomile and boil it for seven minutes, take the pot off the flame and stir it with a wooden spatula for 30 minutes. Now go to the bathroom and pour the water mixture into the plugged bathroom sink, add seven teaspoons of baking soda into the mixture. Look at the picture you have fasten over above the sink of your lover. Strongly make a wish that your lost lover finds their way back in your life.

Obsession love spells for being faithful

Every relationship needs devotion and commitment. People love each other and spend a lot of time together however it is a fact that many temptations can provoke them to cheat on their partner. Even though you can resist those temptations, however, somewhere your relationship started to weaken. It can be harmful to your relationship. All this can be avoided by performing obsession love spells. To cast this spell, first of all, you need to close all the windows and cover all the mirrors using brown cloth pieces. Anoint the candle using a generous amount of cherry oil and cast a circle. Crave your and your partner’s name on the candle. Anoint the candle again generously with cherry oil. Think intensely about faithfulness, your relationship and fidelity you desire for.

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