Obsession spells that work

Obsession spells that work

Obsession spells that work to draw love towards you

Obsession spells that work targets anyone to fall in love with you. The ingredients needed here will include cherries and chocolate milk. Follow the instructions, add 2/3 cups of the chocolate milk to a tub full of water. Find the cherries with a dark color, pick 9 of them. Put them into the bathtub. Sit inside it and eat all of them one by one. Rinse your body thoroughly after the process. Cherries boosts up your pleasure hormones and chocolate milk are good for your skin.

Obsession spells that work to make her/him fall in love with you

But to make this obsession spell that work effective, your feelings towards the person must be positive and genuine. You will need white clothes, a ring, thread, a green leaf Rose, oil Cloth Flower pot, Rose petals, 7 seed kernels and soil. Take a shower without using any soap. Dry yourself using a towel or anything else. Wear white clothes from top to bottom. Even the ‘unseen’ fabrics should be in white. Now, keep thinking about the person you want to fall in love with you until you finish casting the spell.

Obsession spells that work for longer relationship

These obsession spells that work will make the bond existing between you and your love stronger. Requirements Red candle Strands of your hair Strands of your partner’s hair 1 empty tin Instructions close your eyes. Be sure to avoid any disturbances or noises. Focus all your energy and love to your soul mate; picture his/her image on your mind. Put all the hairs into an empty tin. Use the candle wax to bind them together. Now, you have successfully cast the spell.

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