Full moon obsession love spells

Full moon obsession love spells

Full moon obsession love spells using lunar and chant spell

The power of full moon obsession love spells are often ignored especially by those who don’t understand the full extent of their power. The only ingredients you need for this spell is your mind and a full moon. The lunar rays are powerful and can be used to work to your advantage. All you need to do is waiting for the full moon then chant while thinking about someone you like. This spell will work perfectly on Thursdays because that’s the day of love. You can still perform it on a full moon and as usual, chant while believing in every word you say. Chanting on the full moon will cause someone you love to miss you can call as soon as possible.

Full moon obsession love spells using candle and chant spell

Preparing this full moon obsession love spells is quite easy, all you need is a yellow candle, matches and a needle. Use the needle to inscribe the name of your loved one in the yellow candle, then light the candle and wait for it to burn up properly. Drive the needle through the flickering candle while thinking about the person you want to miss you and ask them to call you. Even better, chant his or her name as you stare into the burning flames. That’s the only way the right kind of energy will be released into the universe. Do not to extinguish the flames prematurely or let a bad thought cross your mind during your ritual. If you do this right, that special someone you miss to immediately call you without fail. You don’t want people interrupting when all you want is some attention from your loved one.

Full moon obsession love spells using water channeling and chanting

If you think full moon obsession love spell have to be complicated to be effective, you are wrong! You will need a glass of water, some salt, and a positive mindset. Once you have all of the necessary ingredients with you, arrange them carefully before chanting the love spell. First, take a pinch salt and sprinkle it in the glass and then go ahead and chant. Tell the person you miss that you want them to call you right away. Believe in every word you chant and be as authoritative as you can when chanting. For the umpteenth time, love spell chants are all about channeling the right kind of positive energy into the universe. Repeat the love spell chant three times right before drinking the salty water. If you do this right, then you’ll have the person that you miss contacting you sooner than later.

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