Strong obsession spells

Strong obsession spells

Strong obsession spells through visualization

You’ll need to be sure that the strong obsession spells you are casting is meant for someone that you truly love. Write down the name of your crush at a piece of red paper, twice to form a circle for the spell to work. Take the needle and pin it right in the middle of the circle. Your mind should be overwhelmed with the love you feel for him or her for the spell to be effective. Therefore, you’ll need to be very careful with your intentions and not just the chanting. Do not allow any negative thoughts to interfere with your visualization love spell lest it will be rendered useless. Start by imagining the love of your life missing you. He or she is picking up the phone and calling you right now.

Strong obsession spells using cinnamon “early birds” Spell

This strong obsession spell is not recommended for people who aren’t excited by the idea of waking up early. All you need is a phone and cinnamon. A handful of cinnamon should do the trick just fine. So, if you can sacrifice and wake up early in the morning, then it would highly recommend that you try this ritual. Put some cinnamon around the phone and have it boxed up for the spell to take effect. I promise you that the urge to not touch your phone for the entire day will be overwhelming. Always think positively and you’ll do just fine! Again, remember to have a positive mind and everything will always work out in your favor!

Strong obsession spells using daily love message spell

For those of you who love chanting, strong obsession spells are the one you ought to consider carrying out. The ingredients include; red ink, a piece of paper. The red ink represents true love or passion. Write down a short love letter to the one you love. Ask the universe to send the letter to the person you love so that in turn, he or she can call you. Finish the chant by saying “so may it be” which is a ritualistic phrase meaning that you stand by your words wholeheartedly. If it doesn’t happen immediately, don’t lose hope. Patience is as important as the chanting the right words and having a positive mindset. But it is a good thing for you to start working on your attitude before attempting anything else.

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