Free obsession spells

Free obsession spells

Free obsession spells for true love

To cast free obsession spells for attracting your true love, you will need s white candle, Lavender Incense, table, a paper describing characteristics that you want in your true love and throne of a white rose. Meditate deeply and build up the energy to draw your true love into your life. But burn the candle completely. Now all you have to do is to wait your desired results because it won’t take much time. So just wait for a few days and your true love will be by your side.

Free obsession spells for being faithful

But many relationships need devotion and commitment because many temptations can provoke partners to cheat. But all this can be avoided by performing free obsession love spells. To cast these spells, you need to close all the windows and cover all the mirrors using brown cloth pieces. Anoint the candle using cherry oil and cast a circle. Crave you and your partner’s name on the candle. Think intensely about faithfulness in your relationship and fidelity you desire for. So place your pink candle in the middle of the circle. Light the candle and place your partner’s belongings in front of it. Kneel down in front of burning candle and start meditating deeply to build up energy. Concentrate and continue your meditation and thank Almighty powers of universe.

Free obsession spells using voodoo trust spell

Free obsession spells using voodoo helps to increase as well as developing trust between spouse, lovers, friends and also in business acquaintances. In this spell, rice is the symbol of the domestic situations because it helps in binding a couple. To cast this spell mix all the ingredients together. So spread out this mixture across the path that your partner walks on often. They will feel compelled to be honest, trust you and will never betray you.

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