Effective voodoo sex spells

Effective voodoo sex spells

Effective voodoo sex spells using a candy

These effective voodoo sex spells requires a candy as the only ingredient. You will give the person you want to chew it as you will whisper the spell and the effects will take place after a few days. But before giving the candy make sure, you cast a voodoo sex spell on the candle. The same words you used while casting the spell are the same words you will whisper as he or she chews. This spell will bring an attraction towards you in a crazy way. The sex will be marvelous as you two reach an orgasm. This person will never leave your side.

Effective voodoo sex spells using a rope

The ingredients of effective voodoo spells are white rope, a photo of your desired person and an apple. On the rope, tie a few knots. If the knots end up being an even number, the ritual can continue. But if the knots end up being an odd number, you should postpone the spell for a few days. But if you disobey the rules, the repercussions will come back to you in a negative way. After you have tied the rope, throw it to an apple. The apple is cut into two halves and a photo of your beloved is placed in between the two halves but do not forget to chant the name as you do that.

Effective voodoo sex spells using cigarettes

Effective voodoo sex spells work well for smokers and the ingredients required are a pair of socks, a white candle and a cigarette. So burn the cigarette to the end using the white candle. Place the ash on your left and blow the ash in the socks of your partner. So every time the person wears the socks, all he or she will think about is you and the sexual drive you awaken in them. A voodoo sex spell brings a physical attraction to a person and awakens a lustful passion you have never felt before. So such a sex spell soothes the soul. Remember never to cast a voodoo sex spell for a one-night stand.

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