White magic spells for money and life

White magic spells for money and life

White magic spells for money and life in seven days

This also happens to be another white magic spells for money and life that can be used to attract money into people’s lives. Despite not having instantaneous effects, the spell has been proven to work like a charm beyond reasonable doubt. Thankfully, all the ingredients required for this white magic spell are readily available. Just learn the art of being patient in everything that you do. Do this, and in the end, you’ll attract good fortune and money into your life. You’ll need an empty bowl and some money.

Once you have the candles, arrange them on either side of the bowl before lighting them up. And while putting money in the bowl, make sure you are doing so in a clockwise manner while chanting. Your chant should be something close to, “Great money flows, it comes in abundance and multiplies every day.” Repeat it seven times for your spell to be strong. You then empty it the following day by repeating the same ritual until your seven days are officially up.

White magic spells for money and life using green candle

Casting white magic spells for money and life for the sake of monetary gain will require you to focus is your state of mind first. But if your choices aren’t selfish and your mind is in the right place, then it means you are ready for this white magic spell. Collect three green candles, and some money – both coins and notes. Always remember that although carrying out this particular spell might seem easy, it doesn’t make it any less powerful. Light up the three green candles and imagine a lot of money streaming in from all sorts of channels. These channels may include pay raises, million-dollar deals, winning the lottery, etc.

In other words, don’t limit yourself as to where you want money to come from. Remember to carry out this incantation during a full moon because the lunar energy will make it much stronger. This will allow the lunar energy from the moon to complete the charm. Depending on the power of your mind, this white magic spell can either take effect instantly or take a little longer.

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