Breaking a curse with magic

Breaking a curse with magic

Breaking a curse (or hex): fight magic with magic

Here are three forms of breaking a curse with magic that is placed on your life or family. Magic Mirror helps to know who placed the spell on you and that individual’s intent will return to them. But in order to use the magic mirror you must first clear it of all previous energy using a clear quartz crystal or a bowl of black salt. With the mirror in a bowl, place something of the person who cursed (hexed) you in it.

Using Folk Magic, Binding, or Talismans: You may endure a protective bath using different herbs such as sage and salt which will wash away any negativity placed on yourself. You may bind the individual to their magical spell with a voodoo doll or some of their personal belongings. This is done while winding the cord around the voodoo doll, recite the binding spell over and over until the entire item is covered with the cord. You have the choice to burn or dispose of the item via burial.

Breaking a curse (hex) with crystals

Breaking a curse with magic like crystals gives high spiritual frequency and can heal and protect your body from psychic attacks as well as curses. Obsidian crystal: A powerful black stone which absorbs negativity and reflects positive energy, protection, and light. This stone should be used by individuals who are sensitive to or easily manipulated by negative energy. Jade crystal: For those who’ve had a curse (or hex) placed on them to decrease their monetary gain. Wearing Jade brings good luck and repels negativity.

Malachite crystal: Malachite soaks toxic vibes from the mind, body, and the environment around you. Malachite is also good for releasing curses placed on you.

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