Powerful new moon ritual

Powerful new moon ritual

Powerful new moon ritual with dreams of the soul

In the days leading up to the powerful new moon ritual, give some thought to those longings, and see what images, dreams and streams of thought come up. Your intentions come from the longings that keep coming up. Use symbolic associations to go along with your intentions. Weave in the element for the new Moon, and think about the houses and planets that are affected by it. For an earth new Moon, for example, you might plant seeds that represent your intention. Rituals are a way to work with universal energies, and draw attention to the particular life lessons, or arena (house, planet, etc) that it illuminates for you.

Powerful new moon ritual with symbolic acts

Here’s where you get to be creative. If your intentions are to write a book, or broadcast your ideas out to the world, tie them to a helium balloon and send them off. Write them on a stick and offer it to the fire. To open to love, put lavender and a rose quartz in a small pouch, along with the qualities you’re seeking. If you’re inspired, add a symbolic act to your intention-setting a powerful new moon ritual.

Powerful new moon ritual to keep alive 

A big part of success with new moon intentions is what comes after. Find ways to keep them in the front of your awareness. Put them in a visible spot, or keep them in your wallet. Make notes in your journal about your progress. At the new moon, find ways to take action on those intentions and celebrate any signs of change. You can contact Doctor Kyengu for instructions and directions about casting powerful new moon rituals

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