New moon ritual for love

New moon ritual for love

New moon ritual for love to forget someone who has broken your heart

New moon ritual for love will help you to forget someone who broke your heart so that you move on with your life. Find a photo of the person you would like a “new beginning” with. Take a match and burn the bottom of the photograph and set it on a fireproof plate or dish so that it will burn. Visualize the ending of your relationship and how the strong emotions you feel now will transform like the photo is turning to ash. When the photo is burning and the ash is cool enough to touch, go outside and bury it into the earth so that your old relationship can be part of something that grows into something new. Contact doctor Kyengu for effective instructions and direction about casting this new moon ritual spell

New moon ritual for love to attract a new romantic relationship

When performing new moon ritual for love, you will need to light three red candles, empty a container of seeds into a small pot, fill with dirt. Place a piece of rose quartz in the dirt. On a piece of paper write a list of things you want in your new romantic partner. Be specific about the way you want them to make you feel and attributes they should have.

Sleep with the red envelope under your pillow until whatever you planted is large enough to replant outside. Burn the envelope and bury the ashes with the plant. Each time you pass by your plant, or make sure the envelope is tucked under your pillow, remind yourself about what you hope to both give and gain in your new romantic relationship.

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