Mighty new moon love spells

Mighty new moon love spells

Mighty new moon love spells to fill his heart with love

For these mighty new moon love spells, get the pink and red candle, the pink gemstone and the apple. You also need a mixture of basil and cinnamon. Find a quiet, hidden place under a new moon that transmits good energy. Bring a sheet or a little piece of red textile. Spread the sheet out and light up both candles. Take the Moon gemstone and pass it over the flames of both candles, and then place it on a sheet. Then put the seeds by the crystals, sprinkle it with the mixture of spices, remove the candles and gently collect the sheet. Take care that something does not come out of that binding. Tie it with a red thread and place it somewhere where no one will find it. Let the new moon do its magic.

Mighty new moon love spells invokes a partners feelings

These mighty new moon love spells will re-direct the energy of the Moon to your loved one. Take one white paper and a piece of coal. Wait for the Moon to appear on the horizon. Write the name of your love with charcoal on paper and watch it for a while. Direct your positive thoughts towards that person, and let the full Moon transfer good vibes to him. It’s important that you see your loved one the same day. If you talk to him, the vibes of love spell will be sent straight to him. This kind of magic doesn’t affect free will, so it won’t hurt anyone.

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