New moon rituals for health

New moon rituals for health

New moon rituals for health to attract adherence to a habit you want to adopt

Decide what your habit will be ahead of time and for new moon rituals for health, you need to be able to do a version of your habit even if it’s symbolic. For instance, if the habit you want to adopt is to eat healthier dinners, lovingly prepare a healthy soup for yourself by candle light and eat it slowly, savoring the flavor of the soup and how it feels to eat something after lovingly preparing it for yourself so that you can feel good. If your new habit is to exercise every day, plan a night time stroll in the moonlight. Focus on how your body craves exercise and movement, and how alive and relaxed you feel in that moment.

New moon rituals for health and Blessings

New moon rituals for health can be for a specific person or place. For instance, blessing a new home or a newlywed couple is a positive gesture that surrounds the intended recipient with good will and a happy future. It is a good idea to be in the home or in the presence of the persons being blessed to ensure the energy is received. Create a short blessing incantation ahead of time, and memorize it. With a small white candle in hand, carve a meaningful symbol into the wax with a pin or toothpick, such as a person’s name or house number. Light the candle and say the incantation several times out loud, then leave the candle in place and let it burn for a while to set the intention.

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