Full moon beauty spells

Full moon beauty spells

Full moon beauty spells with the power of visualization

You can perform full moon beauty spells in the night of the full moon, before bedtime. Its point is visualization, which will be boosted with the energy of the Moon. Get into bed and think about how beautiful you want for a while. Imagine how you would look like. Where would you go out and what partner you would attract. When we want something so much, there are more chances to fulfill that. All that you imagine write down on a paper in the form of the affirmative sentences. Light the pink candle, and focus on how you will look like and what you would receive from the attracted people. Say aloud the most important thoughts that you wrote. This way, the spell will be enforced by the energy of full Moon, and you send a signal to the universe that you are ready for beauty.

Full moon beauty spells with the energy of purple candle to enhance beauty

For full moon beauty spells you need a purple candle, which carries different energy. At the night of the full moon, stand on the window and make a small altar where you can perform this spell. For this spell, you need a silver coin, a silk fabric in one of the mentioned colors, four moonstones, and a purple candle. Place a piece of silk on the altar and put a candle on it. Put the coin south of the candle and four moonstones on four sides of the world. Light the candle and pronounce the chant: “From the four corners of the Earth, let this spell bring beauty.”

Full moon beauty spells using red candles

You need to perform the ritual during the night of full Moon, tonight if it’s possible. You need a red candle where you will engrave the name of the person you want to return. Then put one needle in each letter of the name. The full moon energy will make that person think of you. If a person calls you in the near future, consider the spell successful.

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