Love spells using photo

Love spells using photo that work

Love spells using photo are spells that work by using your partner’s picture to cast the spell. These pictures must be very clear to show the face of your partner and they are printed out to cast love sells using photo spells. Sometimes both partners’ pictures are needed to make these spells work. Pictures well describe us so in order to cast these type of spells they are very important and are urgently needed.

Love spells using photo that work to bring back your lost lover

Love spells using photo will only work to bring back your lost lover when you have a picture of your lost lover and I Dr Kyengu the spell caster I must have a copy of it. You will burn this picture into ashes then mix that ash in milk. After you will put water in that mixture of milk and ashes of the picture you burnt. Then you bathe this mixture as you are calling your partner to come back to you and telling him or her all the sweet words. In the next two days he will miss you and come back to you.

Love spells using photo that work for secret lovers.

Many people have friends who are too close to them and because of this, they end up developing love feelings for them but they are afraid to tell them they love them because they are friends. Love spells using photo will work for these type of people who admire to have a love relationship with their friends but they do not want to be the ones to make the first move. In this spell the picture of a person you admire and your picture are joined together with pins then put together in lighting candles as words of spells are used to make sure both your souls are joined together for loving each other. After the cast of the spell a person you admire will start to develop feelings of love for you and will start to miss you until he or she tell you he loves you.

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